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Why come to the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mountains?

Actually the question should be: Why not come to the Eastern Sierras? There are nearly too many reasons to count, but let's try anyways! Besides Topaz Lake being a complete water sports haven, we are surrounded by so many historical attractions and breathtaking State Parks you'll never have enough time to visit them all. Enjoy the relaxation of local arts and crafts, hot springs, hiking and scenic drives throughout the area. If you are in the mood for more adventure, take it up a notch or two with parasailing, zip lining or seek out the numerous ghost towns or gold mine tours. And have you ever seen a Cheetah Dash? Topaz Lake RV Park is all within a days' roundtrip of this and more, so why not come to the Eastern Sierras?

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The West shore of Topaz Lake is on the California/Nevada border, which means there is plenty of nearby gambling. If you are feeling luck is on your side, try a hand at Blackjack at several popular and nearby casinos.

Fishing Season

Because the Nevada-California border divides Topaz Lake, a license from either state is accepted anywhere on the lake or shoreline. Fishing season is January 1 to September 30. Topaz Lake is stocked by both states with a variety of fish including Rainbow, Brook, Cutbow, Eagle Lake and German Brown trout. The West Walker River, stocked with Alper's Trophy fishing throughout the spring and summer, is nearby for anglers who enjoy river or stream fishing.